Ursadon Matriarch
Ursadon mat
An Ursadon Matriarch
Some attributes
Food Ice crystals/ Meat
Prefered Terrain Frozen land
Type Tanky
Other attributes
Pros Easy to play/ powerful abilities / variety of units
Cons 1 main unit that can't be replaced

Native to the ice planet Kaldir, these giantic mammals have spread all over the galaxy through Protoss transport vessels. After the brood attacked, only a few Ursadons remained. 

Even tho they look and behave like unintelligent mammals, the Ursadons have around the same intelligent level of a human in the Dark Ages long long ago. 



An Ursadon pack is lead by the fearsome Ursadon Matriarch. She can collect Ice crystals and meat. She can consume this to preform abilities or she can choose to recruit new Ursadons into her pack by sharing it.

You can recruit a new recruit every 75 seconds for 50 energy. You can increase this recruitment rate with upgrades up to a total of a new recruite every 55 seconds for 50 energy.

What makes the Ursadon Ursadons?Edit

The Ursadons have alot of special ability. For instance, the Matriarch has an ability that spawns an amount of minions  based on the number of nearby enemies. This ability has a rather high cooldown so must be cast wisely.

Also, the Ursadons can create Ice tunnels. These tunnels function as the Zerg Nydus Worm thus can be used for insta travel between two points on the map.

Pros                                           ConsEdit


The big one is the Matriarch

+Strong.                                       -They depend on Matriarch.                                 

+Easy to use.


Ursadon Matriarch

Ursadon rock thrower


Ursadon cave


-Ursadons was the first race to get reworked.   The matrairch used to lay eggs from which Ursadons could hatch.

- Ursadons was the first to eat ice ccrystals