Shadow Serpents
Shadow serpent
"Look at me, I'm fabulous!"
Some attributes
Food Shadow Fungi
Prefered Terrain Defensive Positions
Type Spellcasters, micro
Other attributes
Pros Go well with allies that have a blind
Cons Lacks massive numbers and troop variety

 "Let the Darkness burn"  

     - Sliver, executive Shadowmender of Oz

The Shadow Serpents were native to Niglân, currently better known as the Spectral Isles. They were at the top of food chain, that was until the Giant Spiders suddenly disappeared from the Spectral Isles. 

The Shadow Serpents are masters of stealth and surprise, but the brute force of their armies is not be underestimated either.


The Shadows Serpents are new to this world and are invading it through so called Fractures. Through these Fractures, the Shadow Serpents can summon forth their armies of fellow Shadow Serpents, or Echo Slaves, souls of former critters that were lost on the Spectral Isles.

Fracture s

A fracture in time and space

Procreation Edit

The Shadow Serpents main food source is a special food called 'Shadow Fungi'. This food only grows around Fissures (and upgraded Outposts). After dinner, they channel back their energy into a Fissure, where you're able to warp in new Shadow Serpents.

Shadowmender Edit

1 Fracture will not be enough to grow a vast pack of Shadow Serpents. More are required. To create more fractures, you'll need 'Shadowmenders'.

You can upgrade default Shadow Serpents into Shadowmender at the cost of minerals and energy.

Shadowmenders have more abilities and can create structures and upgrades.