Scantipede Start
Humble beginning of the race
Some attributes
Food Meat / Plant
Prefered Terrain Jungle
Type Parasitic arthropods
Other attributes
Pros Decent health / Can mass / Ranged unit
Cons Weak to AoE / Consume lots

Scantipedes are a race that can be played straight away without needing to unlock and are an easy race to play with two food sources and ability to swarm with decently strong units. They start with one scanti bug, one scantipede, and scantipede eggs. An ideal starting position is one that is a source of plants (As they lack the speed to catch rabbits)  and near a mineral tower, optionally in a concealed or hidden place.

Scantipedes reproduce when they have eaten enough to get to max energy and explode creating three eggs that hatch when the energy drops to zero creating three random scatipede variations. However scantipedes have difficulty reproducing during day as their energy drains and have a cooldown on their egg ability

The race can easily reproduce and mass a dangerous army very quickly. As such they are the easiest to kill during early game by stronger races.

Cons and Pros Edit

- Can be hurt or killed off early by stronger races

- Only reproduce at night

- Slow

- Very susceptible and weak to AoE attacks

- Can be harrased

- Can have difficultly dealing with a stronger race

+ Can swarm

+ Two food sources-Plant and meat

+ Decent early game hp

+ Easy to play

+ No nest

#Needs to migrate for food as they consume lots

Units Edit


Scantipede small
Regular scantipede that can produce eggs and eats plant

Base HP: 12

Energy Cap: 60

Scantipede egg

Scantipede eggs
A set of scantipede eggs, nine all together if looked at closely. Made by three scantipedes who sacrificed themselves.

Base HP: 8 Energy Cap: 60

Scanti bug

Scanti bug
A vital part of the race which researches upgrades.

Upgrades: Increase damage, increase health

Base HP:12


This is the behemoth of the race with a ranged attack. Rarer chance to hatch then the other scantipede and much bigger

Base HP:25