I like to have these kind of lists to have a clear oversight of the current state of the races. Feel free to contribute (it would help me alot ) , I just made a start....

+ = Pro

- = Con

# = Something else you should know about this race


+ Mobile

+ Exponential reproduction

+ Eat plant and fish and can choose  with an upgrade between these two to earn double energy.

+ Can choose between multiple upgrades

+ A variety of units 

# Need to migrate alot because they eat alot

- No Aoe damage

- Weak at start

- No ranged attacks

- Need to macro alot

Automation (Bots)Edit

+ Reliable Area of Effect damage.

+ Easily can mass.

+Can choose bots what you want after you upgrade manufacture upgrade.

You need to defend early in the game.

Nearly everything you do requires minerals.

- Opposing critters can easily find your base.

- You need to destroy mineral towers for most things.

- Messy organization due to scrunched up lava crystals.


+ Fast movement speed

+ Strong Tier 2 unit, the Hellhound.

+ No structures required.

+ Quick procreation.

+ Numbers can grow quickly.

- Lower health.

- Low damage.


+ Masive numbers.

+Some units can leap up and down cliffs

+ Easy to procreate

+ Very fast procreation

+ Plentiful food supply

- Weak units

- Reliant on Queen

- Elite Unit takes long to produce.


+Units heal themself in battle.

+ Good defense buildings.

+ Easy to regain your army at endgame.

+ No need to imigrate from your spawn zone.

  1. Needs to play "base style".
  1. Doesn't eat anything, gains energy from absorbing roots.

- Low HP of units.

- Nearly without army at start.

- Basing on Gigablossom.

- Our dear Gigablossom is Slow, defenseless and quite big.

Crab Beetles Edit

+ Limitless procreation

+ Plentiful food supply

+ Low mineral requirements

  1. Only needs about 50 minerals to be fully upgraded

- Relies on Meat for procreation

  1. crabs infest the piles of meat that creatures drop with their eggs

- Has no ranged attack

- Relies on water for procreation

  1. Crablings only regenerate energy in water

- Crablings take a long time to mature and are defenceless

- Eat's a lot of plants quickly

  1. Like Lava Crabs all crab beetles can "Grow" to become stronger and bigger


+ High mobility in water

+ Stackable poison allows for taking down big targets

+ Procreation after death can replace lost units in engages in water

+ Good health regeneration

+ Mega Sporerays have a variety of crowd-control skills

- Very frail

- Requires procreation in water in which spores can be easily taken out

- No upgrades geared toward damage or health

- Can be easily hunted down when caught on land