Pros and Cons of Each Race

+ = Good point   - = Bad point   # = normal point


+ Will out number any race if they go uncontestet(500cows) and if they do so they will win a 1 vs 1 vs every race

#Cows snowball realy hard and if they get shutdown early or preventet to split up they are simply a weak opponent

-Cows need a realy high apm sice you have to multitask at up to 5 diffrent food locations


+ Can explode doing Aoe dmg

+ Can repair effeciently their unit

+ Can be upgraded to be more resistant or make more dmg

+ Can build Ranged Turret to defense

+ Strong ending

# Normal Spawning

# Normal speed

- Have "Bases" and are easy to find

- Very high need of mineral

- Only eat Lava crystal

- Weak in early


+ Exponential reproduction

+ Karaks Leader is a good fighting unit

+ They can have a nice amount of hp when upgraded

+ No nest, they can migrate and flee whenever they want

+ Good Speed

+ Can choose to upgrade Dmg, Hp or speed 

+ Eat plant and fish and can choose  with an upgrade beetwen these two to eat food more rapidly

# Need to migrate often cause they eat food rapidly

- Need to macro a lot.

- No Aoe dommage

- Very weak in early

- No ranged attack

- No Aoe Attack


+ Their way of breeding make all energy usefull (Return energy to one entity: the nest)

+ Can climb on cliff

+ Use energy to grow bigger

+ Good speed

+ Can upgrade dmg or speed

+ Reproduce in mass when double spawn is acquired.(And if there is meat)

+ Strong when massed

# Need to chase rabbit all over the map making them vulnerable

-Very weak in early if not feeded

-Low hp if not feeded

- Weak on their own

-Very vulnerable to Aoe dmg

-No ranged attack

-Only eat meat

-Have "nest" that can be easy to find

-No range attack

-No Aoe Attack


+ Eat plant

+ Mass easily

+ Can upgrade dmg and hp to a good amount

+ No nest

+ Eat plant or meat (However you are to slow to chase rabbit you will only eat plant)

# Need to migrate often cause they eat food rapidly

# Normal Spawning

- Very slow cause them a hard time to flee

- Vulnerable to harass and Aoe (They are always massed)

- Only reproduce at night

- No range attack in early game

- No Aoe Attack

- Can spawn parasitic Scantipedes from killed enemies that can't reproduce but have a ranged attack


+ Aoe melee Dmg

+Very very high hp only outmatched by fully grown lava crabs

+ Poor early

+ Very strong ending if enough nest

+ Can upgrade their armor and dmg.

+ Strong against low hp enemy with their Aoe dmg.

+ Good middle/ending counter to every melee races

+ Eat Meat, Fish, Plant !

  1. Big size making them easy to surround but allow them to make "flesh wall"
  1. Long time for reproduction but can be nullified with enough nest

-Need a lot of macro to have a good army

- Use nest.

- Rely on mineral for nest which is they key to the reproduction

- Slow speed

- No range attack

- Vulnerable to range

- Vulnerable to harass


+ Can grow to have the best hp of the game (90)

+ Can burry in the ground to be safe

+ Very good counter to all melee races.

+ No real need of mineral (except for creating new nest)

  1. Normal Spawning
  1. Eat lava crystal at high speed

- Only two upgrades (Except they can grow)

-Eat only lava crystal

-Have nest

-Slowest race, unable to pursue enemy or harass.

-Vulnerable to Aoe attack

-Vulnerable to Range attack

-No range attack apart from flame crabs

-No Aoe Attack apart from flame crabs


+ Best speed of all races

+ Good dmg but can upgrade them to have very nice dmg

+ No nest

+ Exponential reproduction rate with enough meat

+ Due to their speed they can easily take the mineral tower or flee on bad situation

+ Hellhound do Aoe dmg and have good hp

# Need to chase rabbit all over the map making them vulnerable

- Need some macro to be efficient

-Only dmg upgrade

-Low Hp pack.

-Eat meat only

-No range attack


+Due to their super strong early they can easily take control of the mineral tower.

+ Don't need anything to spawn unit

+ High need of mineral in beginning because you only spawn 2 bengalass by night if you don't have some upgrade.

+ Have the best dmg dmg of the game.

+ Strong on their own especially at night

+ Good speed

+ Good Hp

+ Can cloak to flee or surprise attack

# Need to chase rabbit all over the map if they want their stalking skill making them vulnerable.

-Reproduction rate is slow (only once evey night)

-Eat meat only

-No other way to reproduce than waiting for night

-Only dmg upgrade

-Not very good ending.

-No range attack

-No Aoe Attack

Carrion Swarm

+ Ranged AOE Attack !

+ Exponential reproduction rate with mineral

+ Worker can make "Melee Tower"  to defend the base

+ Best ending if enough mineral

# Eat mushroom or meat

# Normal speed

# Can only upgrade their Hp  but making them more resistant

# This race need protection of an ally to be efficient. (Bengalaas/ carrion swarm is a very good combo)

-Rely only on mineral to increase reproduction rate

-Need food to attack efficiently

-Very weak early

-Very weak on their own

-Have nest.

Thorn Lizard

+ Far range attack

+ Poisoned attack cumulative attack

+ Very good against Lava crabs and Ursadak

+ Can upgrade either speed or damage

# Normal spawning rate

# Only eat plant, beside there is a lot of them so it's not a problem

# Normal speed but slow attack speed

- Very weak early (only two people)

- Only reproduce in sparkling pool which are revealed area

- Thunder lizards can hit multiple enemies with one attack

New UnitEdit


Laser Bots(Use labo bots skin): Cost 5 mineral and 40 energy, can be produced in the base. The Laser bots can perform a ranged aoe attack(Like colossus) The attack is  very slow (Laser bots 15 hp + upgrade, 1 dmg + upgrade, aoe 3 ranged attack (slow attack speed))


Karaks Healer(give him red colour): Transform a karaks female in karaks healer at the cost of 2 mineral and full energy. The Karaks healer can heal her ally with her saliva ( Karaks healer: 15 hp + upgrade, 1 dmg + upgrade. Can heal at cost of energy)


Fisher Urubu: Spend 2 mineral to transform a full energy urubu into a fisher Urubu who can eat fish and attack by spitting on their ennemy (Fisher Urubu: 35 hp  1 dmg + upgrade, can eat fish, ranged attack 3)


Profonator (Profanator Skin): Cost 5 mineral. transform a female scantipede into a Profanator. When a profanator kill an unit it lay one egg inside the corpse of his victims,  the egg hatch into a scantipede. The profanator can use energy to have a speed boost (Profanator: 40 hp + upgrade do 2.5 + upgrade dommage, speed boost, lay egg in ennemy)


Berserker Ursadak : Spend 2 mineral to give a male ursadak the capacity to charge ennemy (like zealot) it give a them a boost of speed too. (Berserker ursadak 65 hp, 1 dmg + upgrade, can charge, cannot reproduce)


Fire Spitter: When a crab reach his last grow he can spend 5 mineral to became a Fire spitter: that grant him a 4 range attack who burn the ennemy.


Hell Hound: Transform a male dog with 100 energy and the cost of 2 mineral into a hellhound, the hellhound emit a poison cloud who dommage closest ennemy (Hellhound 


Mechalaas(predator skin): Cost 5 mineral (no energy) Transform a Bengalass into a mechalaas, a powerfull unit of fight. (Mechalaas: 70 hp do 3 base dmg  + upgrade, Aoe dmg)

Thorn Lizard

Storm Lizard: Cost 5 mineral, transform a lizard into a storm lizard who launch lighting instead of thorn. The lightning pass to a max of 6 ennemy unit . ( Storm Lizard: 30 hp + upgrade 2 base dmg(slow attack speed), launch lightning aoe dmg)

Carrion Swarm

Queen: Cost 5 mineral at the nest.  The queen is able to put mucus on the ground via the tumor. She can heal her foes and have a ranged attack (like the original queen haha) ( hp 30 + upgrade, ranged attack dmg 2, tumor, heal)