Heya, I created this page to post the progress on my new critter map, Critter Age.

I will TRY to post a new update every week, and I would like people's feedback on them...

Week 1Edit

Terrain 060

Top: Recta-Plantreedaus Bot: Recta-Plantritaus

This week I will discus the plant system.


So on all the critter maps I know, there is just 1 type of plants: Plants!

But this map will have diffrent type of plants, like these two:

The Recta-Plantritaus and the Recta-Plantreedaus. The Recta-Plantritaus will give 5 food  points, so does the the Recta-Plantreedaus, however the diffrences between them is:

-Recta-Plantreedaus only grows near water

-Recta-Plantritaus grows almost anywhere

-When the Recta-Plantreedaus is eaten, it regen some of your hp (which normally would only regen by sleeping or being in your nest)


Plants will spread slowly, and the speed each plant spreads is diffrent aswell. If all plants of 1 type are eaten, it will stop spreading!

Week 2Edit

This week I will discus some of the neutral mobs


There will be diffrent types of neutral mobs herbivores,carnivores, omnivores, some will attack you, some are cowards. They all behave diffrent, take for example the following 2 neutral mobs:

-The Herbo-SaurusEdit

Terrain 064

Top: Herbo-saurus Bot: Ingentem Bruchus (Latin for enormous beetle)

These giants live of eating plants, they're hard to kill. How ever they're born cowards... They will run for everything that comes to close (except plants and other herbivores ofc). They don't even have the courage to protect their own calfs when underattack. They most rest often.

Also they deal damage to all units around them when moving...

-The Ingentem BruchusEdit

The Ingentem Bruchus are herbivores, however unlike the Herbo Saurus, they will attack almost anything that comes to close. They can become a real pest because they procreate very quickly (They procreate like Scantipede used to on critter planet) They don't have to rest at all.

Week 3Edit

Terrain 085


Guess who are back! The Urubu and the cute looking Spore-rays!


The Urubu will be as annoying as on Critter Planet...

Why? Imagen you fight to the death with an Ingentem Bruchus because you need food and there is nothing else nearby.... After a long struggle you finally succeed to kill him... But then you hear the flapping of wings... the Urubu are here to take your meat!

The Urubu are scavangers, meaning they will often come to steal meat from kills other animals made, they create nests on some spots of the map now and then.... Becareful for these guys.. They can be dangerous

Terrain 086

"Bzzzz" "Shut up" "Why" "idk..."


The Sporerays do nothing else then eat plants and float...

Yes because they float, most predators are unable to make lunch of them...

Terrain 087

"Does anyone actually see us?" "Why?" "Idk"

They spend most of their time in swamps eating plants...

However sometimes they leave their swamps to find the right spot to dump their larvea! These Larvea can be eaten by some animals, if they survive till they have "grown up" they will turn into 2 new rays!

Terrain 088


The Evil One's

How ever.... Urubu and hunger are the least of your worries when you meet these guys... The Lama lucem-viride are creatures which mainly eat Sporerays. Their hunting method? They fly onto a rock...wait till any creature passes by... AND they attack.... Like I said, they mainly eat Sporerays, so if you keep away from any choke points near the swamps you'll be fine...

Week 4Edit


"Pffff Urubu who cares"


Well ye sheeps, they will be the basic meat for any predator...


Ahhhh a nice little stream of it?


Right now water does 2 things:

-Slows and heals critters inside 

-Wounded critter will flee to water

Thirst will be coming soon enough!


Nightlock is a type of plant which only grows on a couple of places.

When eaten it will plant it's seeds inside of you!

And once you die (or poop the seeds out) new nightlock platns will grow!


Here you see 2 ignmentum bruchus eating...Nightlock

The blue bears!Edit

Get the blue bears into this game! How?

Post your suggestion for what they should do!


"Halp meh please! I swear I wont touch your children"

I know this is kinda boring update but didnt work that much on this map last week

Week 5Edit

Just a small update...again

Terrain 119

"You've come to the wrong neighborhood" "I was just trespassing, I swear!"

The SwarmEdit

Meet the swarm! These swarmlings will hunt down small animals and eat them, they also eat spore ray larva.

They spawn at a hive, each time a hive is destroyed it will spawn 50 swarmlings and a swarmling queen and they will move to a new location.

They can be outrunned easily and aren't that much of a threat, well unless they decide to make their hive next to your nest....

They won't attack bigger animals like karaks and herbo-saurus's

The crabbeetleEdit

Meet the crabbeetle! Their main food will be swarmling, still not sure how they will procreate...

Terrain 120

"I'm fabuloussssss"

Week 6Edit

Nothing mwahaa

Week 7Edit

Hiya not a big update...again


Meet the wolves! The first real predators ingame! They will generally stick together and catch helpless prey like sheeps. They will attack anything that comes close so beware! 
Terrain 121

"We're going to eat you" "Oke dude, make sure you don't explode ok? "


Another update on sheeps, sheep will now flee once a predator comes near! It certainly makes them harder to catch. Also once I add winter, you can eat sheep meat to increase your cold resistance.

I will TRY to show the blue bear next update :DEdit

Week 8Edit


Week 9Edit

Hiya! This week I will show you some ingame pics and a small list of what I still have to do 

Ingame picsEdit

So I never actually played it till today, wow it was chaos....

Screenshot2013-08-04 13 01 25

"hide yo wife hide yo kids!"

So, I started by hunting down some sheeps, then out all of the sudden I saw a neutral karak got get eaten by a blue bear.. 

Shocked as I was as a fellow karak , I started attacking the bear. But then an ingementem bruchus came towards me, outnumembered I started to run.

The bear, slow as it is, soon gave up the hunt and only the ingementem was chasing me. So I, who needed food quickly, started to attack it, and I killed it :D

Screenshot2013-08-04 13 02 25

"Meat Meat Meat Meat"

But when I finally tried to eat it, an Urubu came to claim the corpse, and since I was low hp, there wasn't that much I could do :l

I ran and I ran in search of sheeps, then I saw a female karak, I tried to seduce it, but I were to slow and it killed me :'(

To do listEdit

There still quite some stuff I have to do

-Finish blue bears, swarms and sheeps (they don't work as they should atm)

-Balance eco-system (not even sure if that's possible x.x)

-Finish Karak (abilities, etc)

-Finish terrain

-Add more plants

Week 10Edit

This week, there is something in the water!!!!

Fishy fishEdit

Right now I only have 1 type of fish, which is aggresive.
Terrain 122


It lays eggs in the water which will be fertilized by female fish

So ye save travelling through a river? NO MORE


Terrain 124

In the lands of Middle critter, the dark lord ....

Current map

The map atm is still quite small (see it on the right)

The map will be splitt in multiple biomes, like in critter planet (ice,tropical,plains,pine forrest,volcanic) 

Each biome will have diffrent plants and diffrent foods and diffrent buffs to certain creatures.

Critter planet revived!Edit

Also I just wanted to announce that critter planet has been revived (try it on NA server, it's quite popular there)

Terrain 123
You wouldnt want to miss the giga blossoms right?


Week 14Edit

It is week 14 right??


So I finally got to work on the actual gameplay, so I will share the current karak design with you guys :D 

Firstly, all 3 playable creatures will have the ability to sprint! However each sprint is diffrent. The Karak sprint, lasts 10 seconds and increases movement speed for a fair amount. It costs quite alot. It also increases the attackspeed of the Karak! (this feature is unique to the karak)

The karak is also able to jump to another critter and momentarily stun the target.

Screenshot2013-09-15 21 28 20

Can you see why the karak is running? :o

And ofcourse the Karak can seduce a female karak using...seduce.

These 3 are the base skills, which all karaks will be able to preform (and upgrade) with out having the proper evolution.


Currently I want the evolution system to work this way: 

-You can only upgrade when in a nest.

-When you upgrade, you will be "reborn" in the nest after a short delay.

I'm still working on it so I hope to show you more next week..well this week....

But do note I have alot of other project going on atm and if I work on this map it's mostly just eco system balance/ bug fixes. 

The other creatures!Edit

So you might wonder what the other 2 creatures will be! 

One of the creatures will be Lyote! But for the third ...err I don't have a clue.... So maybe one of you guys will be interrested in making a concept for the third creature (the creature can be any of the sc2 critters)

So if you want to make a concept for them, you will have think of the following:

What do they eat? (meat/plant/larvea)

How do they respawn on death (karaks respawn in their nest) and evolve?

What are their traits/tactics (The karak traits are speed and they are best for burst hit- and run attacks)

Possible evolutions (upgrades/new abilities)

The 3 base abilities (so the first one is sprint, the other 2 are free)

Week 15Edit

Not that much to show you since I have been working on the food/thirst/DNA system so I guess it's another gameplay update : l

Day 1Edit

Screenshot2013-09-22 11 22 01

I directly go to find some food (sheeps)

Screenshot2013-09-22 11 21 46

Your spawn: a nest, an adult karak, and 3 young karaks.

So the game started and I'm a karak and I had to to eat meat in order to survive.

So I went to find some meat! I found some sheeps not that far away from my nest and I chased 1 down and ate the meat.

Screenshot2013-09-22 11 22 29

Meat also regens some of your hp when eaten

After that I went further away from my nests because I needed some dna and sheeps don't give me that much.
Screenshot2013-09-22 11 23 15
And so I found a female karak and when she started running, I chased her ... only to find out that it became night and I were in Urubu territory.

Night 1Edit

Screenshot2013-09-22 11 23 35

The first urubu I encountered... I didnt think much of it yet (the female karak is behind the rock)

And so it became night.
Screenshot2013-09-22 11 23 38
I saw 1 urubu 

Then it were 2

Then it were 3

Then it were 4

Then I realised that I might be in trouble.....

The urubu got me quite low so I needed to regen some hp quickly.

Screenshot2013-09-22 11 23 41

Meat Meat Meat Meat

Screenshot2013-09-22 11 23 45

Luckily for me, this one didn't notice me

Screenshot2013-09-22 11 23 51
Since my karak was faster then the urubu, I could get away from them.

I ran to the river and guess what I saw there! The female I were chasing before the urubu attacked me!

Screenshot2013-09-22 11 23 57

Meat Meat Meat

I killed her but....the urubu were still close

I tried to eat the meat to regen some hp but the urubu came and I had to leave my meat, else I would have died....

So I ran up the cliff.....

Screenshot2013-09-22 11 24 03

Goodday sir, do you have a minute to talk about the Lord of Birds?

Only to find another urubu....

I ran north, away from the urubu because I were to low on hp to fight it.

Screenshot2013-09-22 11 24 09


There I get ambushed by an ingetum  bruchus.

I had no other choice then to run back into the urubu territory..

Screenshot2013-09-22 11 24 16
Luckily an urubu was still eating the meat I had left, and before it realised what happend he was killed by the ingetums. This gave me time to get away....
Screenshot2013-09-22 11 24 30

Only to die later on when I run into urubu eggs and it's guardians.....

My karak didn't even make it to day two.... :(

The moral of this story is:

- Never chase your prey mindlessly

WTB Feedback , thank you!