This list is going to be a pro and cons list that everyone that wants to be helpful should contribute to!  Also feel free to post suggestions and tactics for each race(and events)! And add your sc2 name to your suggestions/ideas , I might add you to the helpful list ^^

-Robin, the god of Critter Planet

The list! (Races)Edit


-Quite hard to procreate (compared to some races)

-Don't have any AoE

+Their stalkers can force the enemies to fight on 2 fronts

  • Quite mineral dependend 


Find plants and fish at start (I like to at the north east point of the map, next to mount Vulcano)

Once I have some herd leaders, I try to take as many as fleetbeacons as possible.

I try to mass as many stalkers as I can and try to prevoke an enemy to fight at a chokepoint (with cliffs on each side), next I let the stalkers jump up the cliffs behind the enemies, blocking their escape path. Do note that this doesn't always work against all races!


2x damage

4x tanky

Fish devour

By Robin ( Try to keep this format if you post your own tactics OR suggestions (also note that I suck as player) )


The (other) list! (Events)Edit


+Can really screw your enemies if you're ursadon/ursadak

-Not rare at all, makes them quite annoying

+Can be a game changerEdit