Some attributes
Food Crystals (Ice or Lava)
Prefered Terrain Lava or Ice
Type Defensive Creature
Other attributes
Pros Defensive passive ability


Cons Slow

Poor attack compared to some

Hard to mass

Mithoscarabs are a tanky race that depend on the Prime Mitoscarab. It consumes lava or ice crystals to gain energy. When it destroys the crystal after consuming it an egg appears which hatches into a mitoscarab. These come in 2 varieties: Spitter and regular


Mitoscarabs are slow and often require lots of them to stand up to other races however their passive ability can help them with dealing with this.(25% of damage done to it is reflected back on to the attacker). Starting in the ice or lava zone gives you access to lots of crystals. During an attack it is important to remember that you spitter scarabs can spilt into to normal ones when they have died.