A Manticore swarm
Some attributes
Food Meat
Prefered Terrain Caverns
Type Defensive/ Mass / Spell casters
Other attributes
Pros Great in team with other insectoïd races
Cons Procreation is hard and takes long

Manticores smart, Manticores must be exterminated. 

    - Abathur

Manticores were created by the zerg evolution master Abathur to function as a new strain of drones.

But they were diffrent in many angles, for instance they were alot smarter and had their own queens. They were too smart. After the Queen of Blades was neutralized by Terran forces using the Xel'Naga device, they left char. They infested Terran cities and learned. 



Manticore meat

Some Manticores devouring meat

The Manticores have a rather complex procreation system. 

The first thing that has to be done is let default Manticores eat meat. When they have enough energy, they can use their 'Covert' ability. This makes them convert their energy into coverted meat.


A Manticore Queen is pleased with her converted meat.

Converted meat can be eaten by the queen. The queen will automatically lay eggs once she has collected 60 energy. These eggs will hatch 3 larva after a while.

Larva have a max energy of 100. They will regen 1 energy per second. This regen is doubled on creep. 

They can either morph into a new Manticore, costing 60 energy. Or use their ability 'Transfer biomass' to grant target unit energy, this will kill the larva in the process.

Normal Manticores can morph in various of things:

-Manticore queen

-Mutation node

-Pheromones cannon


The Manticores are smart, they learned how to mutatate organismes. They mainly conduct these mutations 

Mutation node

A mutation node next to an oversized plant.

on other species. They destroy the freewill of the experiments and replace it with their own. They even managed to do this with Zerg. 

These mutations take place in the Mutation node. The Mutation node has max 60 energy. They regen 1 energy every 2 seconds. Upon reaching 60 energy they either spawn:

-Mutated Terrans

-Mutated Ultralisks (Yes, Zerg can be infested by Manticores, they're smart you know)

You can purchase multiple mutations for these 2 units.

Pheromones CannonEdit

The Manticore have a rather unique defense, the pheromone cannon. This cannon is unique in multiple things.First of all the pheromone cannon has to be loaded to be functional. DO NOTE enemies can load this cannon aswell and use it against you.Secondly, their attacks apply a damage over time debuff. ALL insecoïd critters that attack this debuffed unit will gain a buff that stacks multiple times. Making a pheromone cannon costs 6 minerals and 50 energy.


-Manticores replaced the sheeps for the race that was going to be introduced easter 2014.