Giga Blossom
A Gigablossom
Some attributes
Food Sunlight/Minerals in the soil
Prefered Terrain Defensive positions
Type Defensive/Support
Other attributes
Pros Defenses/ Mass / Healing / Some ranged units
Cons Heroic Unit / Mineral reliant


Gigablossoms are rare plants in planets outside of Zerus, this one was, however, a rare case of a gigablossom, is one who gets to travel in other critters or animals inter-plantary, like this one who was brought in by a fauna cargo ship to the planet Cliteria the current safe-haven for critters, this one is special, it devloped into a massive plant capeable of movement, it has developed capabilities to survive in this half-hostile world...



Gigablossoms are a form of weed that has learned how to conquer other critters

Gigablossoms are a base race that relies on it's root structures for food, procreation and defence.

Build a  base close to a mineral tower and defend it until you have enough Angry Saplings and Apple Lords to move out. As your army advances build more roots at chock points and food sources to deny them to the other critters.

Your success relies on the survival of your Giggablossom for if it falls you won't be able to build more roots.

Since Absorbtion Roots draws energy directly from the soil it isn't reliant on any food type and as such can build it's base anywhere without having to focus on any food source. Heavily reliant on minerals as most root structures as well as Apple Lords require at least one mineral to be constructed.

Your units are weak but suprisingly resilant due to the fact that every time one of them dies it heals your other nearby units. As you and your army are plants their corpses drop plant food and not meat and can be a juicy early target for scantipedes, cows and other plant eating species. 


Angry SaplingsEdit

Angry Saplings

Why are they angry? No one knows but they are pretty darned pissed at everything that's not a plant.

-Frontline fighter

-Apon death they heal units in the area arround them

-Cheap and easy to produce

- Weak attack and low health but suprisingly resiliant when massed.

Apple LordsEdit

Apple Lord

Having escaped from the orchards of the Terran Dominion. These creatures have become a law unto themselves.

-Crucial support unit

-Only 7 may be alive at one time.

-costs 4 minerals to produce

-attack heals allies within the AoE of the attack


A Gigablossom

Stats Edit

The Gigablossom can't attack nor regenerate

Root Planting

A Gigablossom spreading his roots


Spawn Root: Spawns a root at the target locating within range, 15 seconds cooldown

Root TypesEdit

Normal Root: Basic root type. Can morph into other root types using minerals

Absorbtion Roots

Various kinds of absorption roots. They are the providers of the Gigga's home

Absrobing Root: Absorbs water from the ground and turns it into energy that it transferes to other nearby root types and the Gigablossom

Defensive Roots

These roots zealously defend their home from pests.

Defender Root: Defensive structure that attacks nearby enemy units so long as it has enough energy

Spawning Nests 4

Within the confines of these bark-encrusted chambers lies the seeds of Saplings and Apple Lords

Spawning Chamber Root: Spawns Angry Saplings and Apple Lords. You can only have 6 Spawning Chamber Roots at a time

Thumper Root: Has an ability that stuns nearby enemy units. Can only use it's ability if it has energy


Roots don't block any unit and as such anything can walk right through them.

It is the only race that drops plants apon death One of several base building races