Most natives from alien planets consider wasps as a minor plague but those wasps are nothing compared to the Carrion Wasps of Crittier Planet.

Carrion Wasps eat both meat and mushrooms.

Carrion Wasps have a 200 population cap


A base building race that, while weak at the beginning tend to snowball once they have a base set up.

The Carrion Swarm's strength lies in it's hive's ability to replace Warriors without any cost, it's queen support and defensive structures. So long as they have a source of food and a mineral income early on and enough hives they can replenish their numbers at an exeptional rate. 

Their warriors have two attacks. The first is a basic bite attack that it shares with the Worker. It is weak and ineffective but the warriors have another tick up their sleeve. Whenever a Warrior has at least one point of energy they'll use a stronger, ranged attack. Every attack drains one point of energy and once out of energy the warrior will switch back to it's bite attack.


Carrion WorkerEdit

Carrion Worker1

The Warrior's little brother. They take care of the Hive and it's defences.

-Swarm base builder and meat shield

- Can build Hive and Spike Tentacles at a cost of 6 minerals and 1 mineral respectively

-Has a weak melee attack

- Two are born for every 1 larva

Carrion WarriorEdit

Carrion Warrior1

Tinted by the volatile chemicals in it's body these wasps are the Hive's first line of defence.

-Swarm's front line fighter

- Has two methods of attack a weak, melee attack and a stronger, ranged attack.

-Whenever the Warrior has at least one energy it will automatically use it's ranged attack

-Ranged attacks costs 1 point of energy per attack and once a Warrior's energy is depleted it will switch back to the melee attack.

Carrion Warrior 2

The Warrior knows not why the strange glyphs appear in the air but he does not really care.

Carrion QueenEdit

Carrion Queen1

The leaders of the Carrion Wasps. They support the Warriors in combat

-Swarm Support unit

-can lay down creep tumors to spread vision and creep.

-can heal allies in battle

-has a longer range and more attack than Warroirs

-costs 10 minerals each.

-costs two point of pop cap



Carrion Hive1

The Heart of the Carrion Swarm

-Produces Larva Periodicly

-Larva can be morphed in either a Worker, Warrior or Queen.

-Contains the Swarm's upgrades

-Can not be built on creep

-costs 6 minerals

Spike TentacleEdit

Carrion Tentacle1

These strange creatures defend the hives of the Carrion Swarm.

-Melee defensive structure

-costs 1 mineral

-costs 100 energy

-dies if there's no creep nearby (sometimes even if it is on creep.)