Big Cat
The Great Bengalaas, King of the Jungle
Some attributes
Food Meat
Prefered Terrain Plains/Jungle
Type Powerful Hunter
Other attributes
Pros Lots of health / fast / good attack
Cons No ranged units / new units arrive only at night

Note: Still WIP

The Bengalaas is a locked race until one kills the Great Bengalaas during a certain event.The race is comprised of three main units: The Bengalaas whelp,which is weak and frail, which turns into a Bengelaas over time. The Great Bengelaas is the more powerful version of the the normal Bengalaas that you start off with and spawns every night one Bengalaas whelp. However any grown Bengalaas can build a spire that increases the amount of whelps that arrive at night by one.

Playstyle Edit

The Bengalaas have a rather weak spawn, they spawn with merely one unit, the Great Bengalaas. You should be warry for powerful early game races like Ursadaks, although the movement speed of the Bengalaas is rarely rivaled.


Procreation Edit

The Bengalaas procreate automatically, a new Bengalaas welp spawns at the start of every night. These welps will grow into a default Bengalaas after a certain period of time. These welps will spawn directly next to the Great Bengalaas. If there is no Great Bengalaas, the welps get spawned in the far left down corner of the map.

The Bengalaas have a supply cap of 27. If you have 27 Bengalaas or more, the welps will stop spawning.

Shadow Spire Edit

The amount of welps spawned every night can be increased by creating Shadow Spires. Every Shadow Spire will increase the amount of welps spawned every night by one.

Upgrades Edit

Overview Edit

During the beginning of the game the race is weak and cannot take on more powerful races like Ursadaks. However should they bump into a race like Urubus which still have no nest there shouldn't be too much problem.

Minerals are needed to upgrade HP and attack which are needed mid-late game and before the first whelp arrives the player could take a mineral tower while waiting.

After the first welps the player should scout and start building their spires in a secluded location. When the player has a force of about seven the player should harrass the races prioritising the horde races like Scantipedes and Urubus which should slow their reproducing and hopefully should weaken them before they gain too much force.

When the player is ready with are force of about ten (with upgrades) the player should jump in for the kill. Other races should be dealt with similarly exploiting weakness and gathering a big pack eventually overwhelming with a superior force.

Trivia Edit

-There are two skins for the Bengalaas: The original and a predator one from the WoL campaign.

-In official Starcraft II lore the Bengalaas is life form native to Aiur, the Protoss homeworld.