The actual BUG/BALANCING List of  Critter Island,  post bugs like this:

GENERAL BUG: -If you have a lot of vespene, some strange bug may appear causing you to loose all the vespene you precedently have. (And it happenent to me. 950 vespene lost. I'm disgusted) *What happend when you lost it?*


*=pending for test or not sure about if I change it

-=Not attended to yet

?=Not sure to fix/what's going on


-No Regen


-Still have low hp for the newly created bot if you had an hp upgrade, otherwise they work perfectly.


-They can make their nest on the cliff making them unkillable.

-The speed upgrade is not very efficient, need a little up.

-The speed upgrade doesn't work on pink urubu.

-Urubu have no hp and are very vulnerable to bot explosion, carrion swarm, ursadak and all other races. They are now maybe the weakest race: Three solution to change it: Give them a little hp upgrade (8 for normal urubu 12 for pink). Make the feast option only cost 15 energy. Or It would be nice if urubu can make a "Carcass Generator" it will cost energy and mineral and produce some meat(30 point) every 15 second giving them a stable income of meat.



-Still try to return to the nest they have born, that's boring.


-The bengalass spawn where the zone selector have appeared.  (I don't think it "counter them" cause you must be at the good place in the very moment they spawn. And a bengalaas always move his pack and his newly spawned bengalaas.


-Have low hp for the newly created soldier if you had an hp upgrade

-Creep Tumor can spawn endlessly and have 50 hp That's way too much. Only 5 or 10 is needed. (They are invisible too...)